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The time of birth is the soul of the horoscope, and the exact time of birth is the essence of the analysis of the birth chart. The consultant must be sure of the time of his birth to make predictions with greater certainty.

  1. Who Should Request a Time Correction?

  • Those people who suspect that they do not have the correct time and have an approximate time with a maximum delay of 2 hours. If the lag is greater, write me to my email to offer you another value.
  • Not having a correct time of birth is more common when people are born in a rural area.
  • The error in the time of birth could also be due to the carelessness of the person registering it.
  • If my consultant relies on the memory of his or her mother or father, it may also require a time correction.
  • If the querent was born in a country where the time has changed. For example, in Colombia the time was delayed 60 minutes in 1992, what they called the Gaviria time.

Why should I have a time correction?

In Vedic astrology we handle the 16 divisional cards or Vargas. Most importantly the Navamsha Divisional Chart or D9 helps me more accurately predict events like marriage or education. Navamsha changes every 13 minutes 50 seconds.

Having a correct time is an important tool to eliminate uncertainty in predictions not only for future consultation with me but with other astrologers.


When you purchase this product you will receive a questionnaire that you must fill out. These events may not have the exact date and time (it is difficult to remember) but an idea of the dates, months or the year as close as possible helps me a lot. Once you fill out the form, you must send the document to my email. I will send your birth time within 10 business days of receiving it.

This is a time consuming process that takes me at least 3-4 hours so I only accept a few requests for time corrections per month.


By acquiring this product and sending the answers to the email THE CLIENT accepts the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Alquimista Tarot & Jyotish available on this website.

Birth Time Correction

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