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C any user or visitor (from now on, "consultant") of Alchemista Tarot Astrológico owner of the website (from now on, "ALQUIMISTA") (from now on, "website") when hiring any of services offered here, you accept that you have read and understood each of the conditions established here, as well as the binding nature of each of these provisions, so it is your will to be bound by the terms indicated below:

1. About the query.

ALQUIMISTA offers different types of consultation, which may include intuitive reading through tarot and / or astrological analysis, the description, duration and cost of each of them will be the one indicated on the website when purchasing one.

Queries are only attended virtually through the Zoom platform.

Queries that involve any type of astrological analysis are personal and non-transferable, this because the astrological analysis requires a unique preliminary work for the consultant, therefore it cannot be transferred to another user.

2. Veracity of the information.

The consultant, when acquiring any consultation that involves an astrological analysis, is responsible for providing the correct data of the Place, Time and Date of Birth, which are necessary for a correct interpretation.

Providing wrong data alters the result of the astrological consultation and ALQUIMIST is not responsible for the result. There are no refunds for this omission of the consultant and, where appropriate, a new consultation must be acquired.

3. Exclusions.

The consultation does not include additional services to those expressly indicated on the website, for which, by way of example but not limitation, are excluded: astrological reports in writing, attention to questions after the consultation, information attention to users who are not part of the consultation, astrological analyzes other than those related to the question of the consultant, recordings of the consultations that have not been previously requested by the consultant.

4. Admission of consultants.

The consultant accepts that the fact of acquiring any type of consultation stated on the webside does not oblige ALQUIMISTA to provide the same immediately, once a consultation is withdrawn, a preliminary evaluation of the consultant's profile will be carried out to determine the viability of providing the same. , in case of not being approved, ALQUIMISTA will make a refund of money in a period that will not exceed twenty-four (24) hours.

5. From the recordings.

To record the consultation, the consultant must request authorization from ALQUIMISTA. The storage and custody of the recording is the sole responsibility of the consultant. ALQUIMISTA is not responsible for the use, storage and custody of the recording. ALQUIMISTA will not keep recordings of any of the consultations.

It is the responsibility of the consultant to manage their recording, as well as to take the pertinent security measures to protect it, guarantee the security of the images, the content, avoid a possible alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access.

6. Payment method.

The payment method is through the Paypal platform. Payment must be made prior to scheduling the consultation and the currency is in US Dollars (USD). No other means of payment are allowed.

7.Cancellations or changes of appointment.

If for any reason the consultant cannot attend the scheduled appointment, it may be rescheduled up to two (2) occasions, however, prior notice to ALQUIMISTA of the modification is required at least 24 hours in advance. In no case will the cancellation of the appointment imply a refund of money.

AlQUIMSITA may modify the date and time of the appointment in advance and after notifying the consultant.


The consultation time begins at the agreed time, it is the consultant's responsibility to connect to their appointment on time. ALQUIMIST will wait a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes.

9. Returns.

If the consultant acquires a consultation and for any reason does not attend the appointment or notify ALQUIMISTA to reschedule it. ALQUIMISTA may grant at its discretion a coupon for the value of the appointment valid for six (6) months. Money refunds do not apply.

10.Exoneration of responsibility.

Cartomancy and astrology are self-discovery tools that will allow the consultant to search for solutions and answers within himself, so in the ALCHEMIST consultation he will explain the most relevant elements of your astrology and tarot. However, the results will always depend on the querent.

ALQUIMISTA does not offer any guarantee on the answers and conclusions reached in the consultation, nor is it responsible for additional interpretations that the consultant makes on their own, the results require the work and effort of the consultant and ALQUIMISTA from its knowledge only provides a guide , direction and suggestions, which should not be taken as legal, medical, tax advice or any other profession.

The consultation is not intended at any time to replace any medical, psycho-emotional or psychiatric treatment.

11. Prohibitions.

  • The consultation can only be acquired by people over 18 years of age.

  • The reproduction, distribution and public communication of all or part of the content owned by ALQUIMISTA, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any technical means, is prohibited.

  • Record a query without express authorization from ALQUIMISTA.

  • Altering the recording of your query or giving it a use other than its purpose. 12. Intellectual property.

ALQUIMISTA is the owner of all the intellectual property rights of its website and social networks, as well as of the elements contained therein such as logo, name, texts, design, interviews, newsletters and informative material. Therefore, any use not previously authorized by ALQUIMISTA will be considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.

13. No relationship between the parties.

The acquisition of any of the ALQUIMISTA consultations does not mean the beginning of a labor / commercial relationship of any kind between ALQUIMISTA and the consultant.

14. Educational purposes.

Part of the social work of ALQUIMISTA consists of educating and expanding the knowledge of astrology and tarot in the community, for which the consultant agrees that only their birth information (without name) be used for educational purposes, if the consultant does not want that Your information is used, you must send an email to .

15. Modifications.

This document of terms and conditions may be modified at any time by ALQUIMISTA without the need to notify the Consultant when any modification is made.

16. Applicable jurisdiction.

For any matter that arises between ALQUIMISTA and the consultant in relation to the obligations arising from these terms and conditions, the Courts of New Zealand will be competent, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


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